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The Creative Flow podcast - retail tips, product development and mindset.

Mar 22, 2023

It's the final day, day 3 of the free course! 


Showing Up & Selling Your Products

You’ve got your sales foundations and the plan, now it’s time to ask for the sale in different ways. From raising your brand awareness, engaging with your audience and reliably showing up.

  • Increase your brand awareness through outreach so you’re featured in new places.
  • How to socially engage with your audience & create easy engagement
  • How to reliably show up on your chosen platforms


Everyone who check-ins and complete their action step will be entered into a draw to win a free 30-minute 1:1 mentoring call with me! 


Your action step is:


Sign up  below to receive the bonus workbook to complete your Q2 sales success strategy plan in full: 


Tomorrow I will share a bonus episode with a sales pep talk, the winner and a special announcement!


The 3-day free course - Plan Your Q2 Sales Success Strategy is happening this week! Listen in Live on Monday 20th - Wednesday 22nd March at 12.30 pm GMT on Insta @creativeflowcollective.