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The Creative Flow podcast - retail tips, product development and mindset.

Apr 24, 2018

Welcome back to the third Elevate Your Curiosity podcast and today is all about Christmas 2018 product Trends! This follows on from episode two where we talked about the four overarching Christmas trends and the colours, materials, themes and motifs that would well for each.


Just like the last episode there is a

Apr 4, 2018

Christmas 2018 is not that far away! Whether you are in your festive product development you can use these four overarching Christmas trends for 2018 in your product development.


As creatives we need that visual input so I've created four different pinterest boards for each theme. Head to

Apr 4, 2018

Hi and welcome to the first episode of the Elevate your Curiosity podcast!

Todays episode will introduce me, Joanne Griffin as your host, a rundown of what this podcast will be about and my two words for 2018.

Elevate Your Curiosity is a podcast to connect to creative souls and business owners who are looking for an...